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KuSuH Trail 100
( K raichgau u nd S tromberg u nd H euchelberg)

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6. KuSuH 2015

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From September 25th until September 27th in Oberderdingen, Am Stadion 1

The KuSuH is ran CLOCKWISE this year.

Trail Reichshälder Köpfle, Knittlingen
Trail Reichshälder Köpfle, Knittlingen


100 Miles, thats 161 kilometers


Saturday, September 26th at 6 a.m. at the SV Oberderdingen's Tartantrack
Sunday, September 27th at 3 p.m. at the SV Oberderdingen in the Schwabenhalle

The KuSuH Trail 100 is a non official Invitationrun. A private Meeting to run 100 miles. Every invited runner is responsable for him/herself. The webpage is not ment to be an official statement, it's just for infomation.


You can register to this Invitationrun so we can invite you, sounds logical right. You do so when you send us a postcard or a letter. On this letter/postcard you put your address AND phone number! We look forward to your mail!

Then we'll invite you via letter. We're a little different and keep it oldschool, haha!

You can register from February 1st until February 28th under following address:
Wolfgang Höfle
Feigenbutzstr. 29
75038 Oberderdingen
Tel. (+49)7258 / 6234

If we get more than 30 registrations we'll have a lottery on March 1st (for every starter and helper at the KuSuH one extra ticket in the pot).
The Result will be immediately posted on this homepage. The „lucky ones“ are welcome to go crazy in front of their computers because the personal invites follow after the poll.

Of course you can register for the KuSuH until September! As always we'll have a waiting list where you'll get info if a runner withdraws his registration.


It's part of the registration process and is to be sent to following bank account after registration.

Account Nr. 33 84 085,
Bankcode 666 900 00 at Volksbank Pforzheim
IBAN: DE61 6669 0000 0003 3840 85, BIC: VBPFDE66
Account holder is Georg Zitsch!!!
Runners who end up on the waiting list pay when Wolfgang has invited and called them! Not in advance!!

Oh yes, the contribution is 40 Euros! This money is used to supply the 9 food stations with the well known (sweet-sour-salty-fluid-solid) snacks.

If there's any money left (because Georg and Gela shop for less), it is donated to a social project. We the circle of friends KuSuH are not following any economic interests!

Oh yes and if you're having the idea of not beeing able to run or you simply don't want to run you'll get the contribution, deducting 5 Euros back until August 31st. If you cancel in September your contribution is lost.

Flehinger 100 Meilen Läufer: Barbara, David und Gela - 2014
Flehinger 100 Meilen Läufer: Barbara, David und Gela - 2014


On Friday September 25th at 5 p.m. the check in starts at the SV Oberderdingen, Am Stadion, 75038 Oberderdingen in the Schwabenhalle.

At 6 p.m. the 6. KuSuH starts with a briefing, tributes and everything else that is important in the run.

Afterwards you can eat and drink on your own tab in the Clubhouse.

On Saturday starting 5 a.m. there's a small, simple breakfast (buns, butter, marmelade, cheese, coffee, tea)

At 6 a.m. is the start of the run.

Finish sunday, 3 p.m., there are 33 hours to know the whole course.

In the Schwabenhalle (also FINISHarea und Basecamp) there is the possibility to sleep on practisemats.


Without you signing the disclaimer you can not take part in the run! The form you'll get from us.


The 9 well known AS are set up. We have more than bananas and water :)
At the Stations 3, 4, 6 and 7 you can store drop bags (we'll put them there). Those are beeing brought back after we dismantle the AS.

Kult-VP Wohnzimmer Georg + Jutti, mit Marcell Dahringer und Anton Kraft, beide aus Ubstadt
Kult-VP Wohnzimmer Georg + Jutti, mit Marcell Dahringer und Anton Kraft, beide aus Ubstadt


The KuSuH is a trailrun, you can take that literally. A lot of nature, not a lot of civilisation was the plan all along and i try to stick to that recipe from year to year.

The design of the trail is finished. The result 2014 and the feedback of the people who have been part of the KuSuH clearly showed that the trail is „pretty enough“. 2015 we'll just have some optimizations put in. Those are: easier marking, better way guidances (corners and edges disappear, therefore the trail „flows“ better).

The trail is very challenging and needs a good preperation. (also see „Qualification“)

Don't be afraid, EVERYTHING is runnable! Well, most of it!

There is no info about the metres in altitude because we DON'T have mountains (sadly!) only hills to run on. But there are a lot of hills, really tons of them ;-).

The underground is different: gravel, stones (big and small), forest floor, branches, roots, gras, mud, stairs, wooden bridges – everything your heart desires!

To appreciate all the beautifications you have 1 (in words - ONE) hour extra time for the course!!!

Scenically and culturally our KuSuH is very lovely and pretty with a lot of lookouts, lakes – more like small ponds and artificial ponds, natural monuments, vineyards and monastery digsites. You are moving on trails that are centuries old like the Grenzsteinweg, Waldenser Weg, Rennweg, Rittersprung and Eppinger Linienweg.


There's no obligatory gear – You are grown ups and know what you need for a hundred mile run. And we look out for you!
We suggest trail shoes on your feet, lamps for the night, emergency supplies like food and water.

PLEASE bring your own drinking cup. You'll need it for the run to avoid unnecessary garbage. THANK YOU.


We still don't demand it - BUT:
The track has its features on every part (from AS to AS) – some of you call them vulgarities. For us those parts of the track are the salt in the KuSuH soup as they make the run a challenge.

The KuSuH competitor should:



Everyone that wants is allowed to use a (ONE !!!) pacer running the KuSuH, also the gentlemen.
The pacing is used to keep up the morale of the runner, the pacer is not allowed to carry the gear or the runner itself!
Using pacers is used to attract new runners and people that are interrested in running long trails. You can use your pacer from AS Silke (AS 5) on.

Please inform us at the briefing if you use a pacer.

The pacer doesn't have to pay a fee and is allowed to feast at our AS's.


Takes place on Sunday, September 27th in our Basecamp the Schwabenhalle in the well known fashion as soon as all runners have returned.
There's food and drinks, you can talk to each other, laugh, cry (out of happiness)...

ALL runners of the KuSuH as well as visitors or people that are interrested are welcome.


Last but not least we want to thank our sponsors. Without sponsors we would not be able to have events like this. Thank you very, very much to:

  E.G.O. Küchenarmaturen und Spülen für die Küche von BLANCO Ensinger Sport Sita Deutschland Stolzenthaler Grabmale Natursteine  

  Somako GmbH EAST-Edelstahl-Armaturen-GmbH Weingut Schäufele-Heckele Luisenhof-Hofladen Flehingen Weingut Kern  

  Weingut Lutz Kieselmann Weingut Vincon-Zerrer Bäckerei Weigel Weinbau Steinmetz